We have the pleasure to introduce our company, JALTRADE S.A.L., a Lebanese company based in Beirut, Lebanon.

JALTRADE S.A.L. is present in the Arab Countries, as well as in North Africa and East-Europe. Its total number of employees is around 120 people working directly for the group.

JALTRADE S.A.L. is a multifaceted organization engaged in the Import and Export of commodities ranging from light engineering products, to heavy equipment and machinery, to food and raw material sector, to IT software and hardware, to telecommunication engineering, to health sector requirements, to water and electrical sector requirements.

JALTRADE S.A.L. gathers harmoniously different businesses and represents more than a hundred producers from Europe, America, and the Middle East.

JALTRADE S.A.L. enters into investment, finance and industrial joint venture in line with its trading activity, for the purpose of enhancing this activity. This guarantees a better vertical integration of its activity.

JALTRADE S.A.L. is seeking the opportunity to serve you , and we assure you that we shall be at your high confidence in our services and products.


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